Read horror stories, Horror stories are short, Turkish Horror stories are short, Turkish Horror stories are long

Read horror stories, Horror stories are short, Turkish Horror stories are short, Turkish Horror stories are long

Read horror stories, Horror stories are short, Turkish Horror stories are short

“Mysterious House”

We are sharing with you a terrible incident that our friend Murat Mert has personally experienced. May God never let something like this happen again.

Hello dear readers, I’m Murat Mert. I want to tell you about a fearful moment I had.

Me and my parents got ready to go to our village, got in the car and set off immediately, our village was 2 hours away. We came to my grandmothers. Let me not go too far, there was an old house across from my grandmother. My friends in the village called it the ‘mystery house’.

I met my best friend in the village that day and he said let’s go to the mystery house. I said ok but gather all the friends. The roommates gathered and the next day we went to the mystery house. The friend said let’s stay until the evening, let’s see who is the most courageous among us. Me and my friends said okay, we agreed. Actually, there were a lot of rumors about this house in the village, but, I didn’t believe it, anyway, back to the topic. Then evening came and we said let’s go and a friend of mine said let’s stay here today, you know the village houses are next to each other and this house is very close to our house, we got permission from our families.

We were staying there that night, when it showed 2:00, I heard a noise, of course, we took a bed and quilt or something there. My friends were sleeping and we were standing in line. It was my turn, so I wondered where that sound came from, but there were many cats, dogs and hedgehogs in the village, so I didn’t mind. It was like this voice was warning me. I heard another voice saying get out of here. It was a wooden house, I immediately took the stick in my hand, I read the ikhlas nas verse. I was so scared.

I woke up my friends right away and said get up and let’s have a look here. We looked around and there was nothing. When we got back home, there was an inscription on the wall, I knew Arabic. It was written in blood and said, ‘If you don’t get out of here, bad things will happen to you’! I said let’s go, friends objected, I stayed with them and I heard the same voice again. I suddenly tried to escape, but failed. Somehow the door was locked. I said to my heart that we are burned now. I turned and said to my friend why did I follow your words, I wish I hadn’t. The same voice spoke in Arabic this time and said:

“I warned you, now take your punishment”

I was so scared I almost fainted. The doors are locked. Windows open and close. There are voices, we were all very scared. We were on the 2nd floor, I looked down and said that if I jumped, nothing would happen. I jumped down. I fainted, then I sobered up where I fell, I gathered myself and immediately went home. I called my father. I told him what happened. My father also went home and said there is nothing here, the writing on the wall had been erased. My father took my friends from there, but there was no Ali among them, my father and the men in the village dispersed and started looking for Ali. Of course, me and my friends also participated in the calls. We found Ali’s body 2 km away from that house. It was as if someone had turned his head and killed him. There was a note on Ali’s body:

“This is a warning if you bother us again. This is what will happen to all of you.”

Everyone was so scared. I couldn’t sleep at all that night, I was so scared, I couldn’t forget that note. Then at night I saw someone looking through my window. I immediately ran and woke up my father, my father searched around and couldn’t find it, I begged my father to let us go and the next morning we set off and arrived in Ankara. I was relieved. I immediately put an amulet around my neck and began to pray. Nothing happened after that. This event is real. I have lived this truth. I would be happy if someone can help me.

The crib story

“According to a story my mother told, I was very whiny one night when I was a baby and that’s why my mother came to my crib to check on me. After coming to my room a few times, my mother was quite tired. When I started crying again, my mother got up to come to my room again, but she heard other footsteps and went crazy because my mother was there alone. When the footsteps stopped, my mother heard the swaying of the bassinet and the voice of an old woman. This voice was talking to me and trying to calm me down. It’s so weird!”


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